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“Turn It Up is to sustainability what Hamilton is to history! 

It makes environmental education and activation fun.”



‘Turn It Up’ is an all-school experience that gives a giant boost to your school's sustainability initiatives.


If your school is just getting started with sustainable action, ‘Turn It Up’ lights the spark!



The interactive show explores how energy is generated 

and how energy choices impact climate change.


‘Turn It Up’ teaches kids simple ways to support a sustainable environment, and how to connect with others to create maximum impact.


Script written by multiple award winning writer, Paris Qualles. 

Music produced by Grammy winner, Jeff Bova.



Produced by a team with decades of experience and multiple awards for work within the culture of both rural and urban public schools.


Created by participating educators, grade appropriate S.T.E.A.M. enrichment activities are also available.

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Script, music tracks, set, and prop designs are available for school and non-profit adaptations royalty-free.

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“The cast had everyone from Kindergarten to the teachers with the most seniority on their feet dancing and asking for more.”


Chris Whitbeck, Principal of the Douglas Elementary School

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“The show helped kids make connections between what they were learning in science class and the real world.”

Andrew Wood, 6th Grade Teacher at Oak Hill Middle School


“The kids loved the catchy, educational music and were crazy about making clean energy with the cool bike powered system.”

Pam McVey, Creative Arts and Science Committee, Burr School

inspire an eco hero

Eco Heroes are co-creating a just and sustainable environment for life on our planet. 

After experiencing 'Turn Ip Up', kids become Eco Heroes.

One $6.00 Gift Ticket will send one kid to 'Turn It Up'.

You buy the Gift Tickets. We give them to kids.

After selling ~25,000 Gift Tickets, 'Turn It Up' will commence a production run.

Production runs last a month or more, and are staged for free in schools and museums.

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Gift Tickets are non-refundable.

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